Shuumatsu no Izetta First Impressions (1): Rifle brooms to the rescue

Starting off the fall season. I didn't know what to expect going into this one, but it seems alright so far. Looks like we're following a war in Europe featuring Germania fighting against Brittania...which has definitely never happened before in history. Aaaaand we're gonna toss a witch into the mix. Should be fun?

This first episode ended up being a decent introduction. I'm interested in seeing where it goes. I really thought the music from the episode in particular was solid (opera music was a bit shaky, but I don't count that part). The song playing at the end was good too...probably the opening song.

Starting off with a train chase? You have my attention.

While it might not look all too great, I think the decision to use this moving "drive-by" camera to show this scene is cool.

I'm just going to assume this is a bomb.

How does she know it's a coffin? And if it is, then the "witch" from the title of the series (and from the very first scene in the episode) is probably inside. Let me guess...poison gas?

This scene where the guy kills the witnesses is pretty awesome...just throwing that out there.

I guess this video is here to say "yes, this is World War II, but we reserve the right to make up whatever we want". I guess I can't complain because it didn't really eat up too much time.

Politics! Are we supposed to understand what's going on here?

I've never been a fan of opera music, but I give you points for showing me explosions and stuff while it's playing.

First off, no one talks like this. Secondly...busted!

The music playing in this scene is bringing me back to my Code Geass comparison.

Uhh...I know this is an important scene or whatever, but the shot that grazed Fine's arm went past her, right? What did it hit? Based on this view, it should have either hit one of the two pilots or the plane itself.

Well, that's an entrance...

Why does Izetta stop here? I guess we need the dramatic "hand barely reaches" scene or whatever because she could have very easily stopped right next to the falling princess.

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