Mahou Tsukai no Yome Episode 1: Magic worlds are fun?

This series was a manga that I was interested in reading, but I held off when I heard about the anime adaptation coming out (as I usually do). I came in knowing basically nothing except the premise. Overall, the episode wasn't too much as it eases into the story...not necessarily a bad thing, though.

Based on the way the episode ended and the lack of too many episodes, I guess this ONA is going to be an introduction to the series? If there are really only three episodes, I'm guessing it ends with Chise being taken in by Elias and then we're back where we started at the beginning of this episode...ready to go into the events of the manga or something. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing more.

It was a weird experience for me, though...the way sound is used throughout the episode was interesting, but I found the music itself to be distracting. Is that a thing? The song playing at the end was pretty good, but the singer's Engrish made it a bit painful for me.

This magic stuff looks pretty cool, but I have no idea what I'm watching right now.

There's a lot of scenery and...bird stuff going on in this scene, so I'll make a quick interjection about the music. On its face, the music in this scene sounds somewhat...familiar, the kind of song you've heard before with flowing strings that you'd expect in this kind of scene. I appreciate the sound of bells and...some string instrument that I'm not confident enough to identify as they make themselves clear right in the introductory bits before the song swells into a "full" form.

All normal stuff here. Daily life!

Did she pour honey on top of bacon on top of pancakes? That makes no sense to me.

Chise's an interesting character. My brother's like this...always doing as much research as possible before trying something new. I, on the other hand, tend to be a bit more cavalier (which, to be fair, is why this blog exists in the first place).

Come on, bird messenger had one job!

Leaving this screenshot for no reason in particular.

Urgh...I get that they're trying to be whimsical here, but something about the flute playing in this scene sounds discordant, so it ends up being unpleasant.

It's going down?

Oh snap, it's getting heavy! How much of an inconvenience could Chise have been to prompt her mother to jump out a window? More importantly, if they were living in a crappy apartment, would the fall really have killed her?

Well, "child who sees supernatural stuff" has worked on me in the past, so you have my attention.


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