Time Travel Shoujo Final Episode (12): So many paradoxes...

This final episode was kind of a mess. I mean, it was a valiant effort, but I felt like it explained nothing and everything just kinda happened.

Overall, this series wasn't too bad. The science elements were interesting even if the time travel portion became questionable. The series had a surprising attention to detail, which I definitely appreciated. I would have given it more points if it had handled the time travel element better...it's too bad.

The ending was surprisingly dark, wasn't it? That secretary had a pretty strong level of devotion to Mikage, but got sent to jail for it and never got to see him again. I'm quite surprised to see something like that in a show that seemed to have been for kids. Also, how did that not just completely screw up the future?

Fissure? I think "hole" or "tunnel" is more appropriate, but I guess this is trying to be less cliche or something? Also, I think it's stupid that Mari's father says this right after saying "can it be" or whatever. Can't tell if this is bad dialogue or bad translation.

What does that me- oh, the secretary asks this too.

Yeah, this isn't too surprising. But if this is such a problem, why would you create a system that always transports people back in time to see the same list of scientists? It's like you're asking to run into yourself.

Also...why can't there be two compasses in the same place at the same time? Sure, they're identical objects in composition, but what makes that so special? Heck...they're not even identical since one of them probably has Mikage's DNA on it (from touching it) and the other doesn't.

Okay, this one just doesn't make sense. We know for a fact that Mari's father should have returned to the past at an earlier point than Mari, but they both did it from the same terminal. Since the terminal exists in Mari's timeline, it can't have blown up in her father's timeline the way it did in her timeline. So why can't he go back?

What? It just fixed itself?

Well...I'm a science person too, so I guess I'm biased?

I'm pretty surprised at this ending. Are they really just leaving Mikage in the past?

I'm sorry, but this scene is all kinds of random. It just happens to be Waka left behind so Futa can save her? This entire thing feels incredibly forced to get those two together in the end.

Haha nice.

Switching back to English here was a nice touch. The magic compass has been translating all this time, so I probably wouldn't have noticed if they kept speaking Japanese.

Meh...I would've like to have seen more of this stuff.

Final Score: 6 out of 10

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