Orange Final Episode (13): Phew...we made it

Urgh...this episode was so long. The ending...was surprisingly good. Honestly, I've had a rough time with the journey to here, but I thought the ending did a good job.

Looking back, I'd say I wish the series was more about the original timeline over the "non-future" timeline. They're the ones with regrets and I feel like their story is more interesting to me. That being said, I get that this series was about suicide and depression, so I'll leave it at that (it just doesn't work for me).

The ending for the series where Kakeru survives honestly didn't come as too much of a surprise to me. I wasn't expecting a tragic end...I might have said before, but the series to me is like a story written by the group in the future timeline to lay out "how it could have ended". So, with their heavy regrets, it makes sense for the tale to end with Kakeru being saved. to be these guys.

It's weird that this is probably the first time the letters are legitimately unhelpful.

The music in this scene's pretty nice. Have we heard this track before? Very whimsical and light song. Not sure how well it fits the scene, though.

Of course she gets a final jab.


This is somewhat surprising. Is Suwa really not going to get together with Naho? I thought for sure they'd still try to push that ending.

That being said, I'll never understand Suwa's reasoning here. I get that this is why the series even exists at all, but I'm not sure I could ever feel contentment at the fact that there's another "me" out there in the universe that has the good life or whatever. My reasoning would be more along the lines of "well, this is what I had to kinda sucks, but it's worth it".

Hey, guys...I actually really like Hagita's idea here. What's wrong with it?

Hagita...buddy...we've been over this. Parallel worlds, remember? Also, I get that the series never really confirmed this stuff, but I feel like most people watching guessed all of the stuff that gets explained in this scene many episodes ago.

Honestly, this isn't all too surprising. We learned last week that Kakeru's trigger was finding his mother's phone and I can still see that messing with him in this different timeline.

We did it!

Oh, so they finally tell him about the letters? Well, I guess that makes sense.

That dude in the truck doesn't even come out to check on Kakeru...

These letters to Kakeru are a nice touch.

I'm willing to give you this one for free...I'm not entirely convinced that someone like Kakeru would be above blaming his friends for his mother's death after hearing a line like this, but I won't push it too much. I feel like this is something you accept more easily if you have the knowledge of the viewer about the context of the letters.

HAGITA!!!!!!!! Seriously, he's the best character.

Final Score: 5 out of 10 (I'm gonna regret this one...)

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