91 Days Episode 11: Vengeance!

Well...once again, didn't see that one coming. So...uhh...now what? Final standoff between Nero and Avilio?

It's a bit late to be introducing Don Galassia, isn't it?

Also, why does Nero even need to apologize about Ronaldo? Wasn't it his wife that killed him? Speaking of which, what happened to her?

Pfft...as if Avilio's going to have a future...

This is interesting because I can't evaluate Avilio's mental state right now. I want to think that this is part of some plan where Avilio gets Ganzo in trouble by tricking him into incriminating himself on the letter...but it's very possible that Avilio is just too far gone and is legitimately telling the truth here.

Anyone surprised that this is Ganzo's plan? Anyone?

So...what happens if Vincent Vanetti just drops dead of his disease before Avilio can kill him? I know that it's not an acceptable ending for Avilio, but I wonder how he'd react...

Jeez...three knives? How bad are these guys at hitting a vital spot? Poor guy must wanted some screen time.

Well...does this count as half-right about getting Ganzo to add him name to the letter? So far, this feels like a wasted effort since they still don't realize Ganzo's behind everything.

About time someone shut that guy up...

Avilio always seems like the up close type, so this is unlikely. Wait...is this to get Nero across the theater so he has to watch his father die? If so, that's not bad.

Galassia...you can't really be that dumb, right?

Dang...Avilio went for the clean sweep.

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