Time Travel Shoujo Episode 11: Random tornadoes

Yeah, I feel like stuff is just getting more and more crazy with this series. I don't know how they're going to manage all of these weird time inconsistencies.

Before going into this episode, I was feeling like the only way the ending for this series could be interesting is if it's revealed that Mari's father is actually going back through time to fix stuff that Mikage messed up, but now that seems unlikely...I have no idea what to think.

I don't understand why this "I won't hurt your friends/family if you do what I say" line works on Mari, but not on any of the other three. Did he even try to threaten them?

I know it wouldn't happen, but if Mari's little sister somehow saved the day for the family, this show's rating would shoot up for me.

Why didn't you do that, Waka?

Oh boy...Mikage as the stereotypical businessman villain is so much fun...

Random business talk...moving on.

Given how the previous scientists have reacted to Mari telling them she's from the future, it's really not that surprising that Edison doesn't seem to care here.

Do people really not know this?

Trying to decide whether it's Mikage's fault that Edison is like this...

I've been wondering about that too, especially since we know that Mari's father got the compass from the future. Are there multiple compasses?

Uhh...what? Paradox tornado or something?

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