Taboo Tattoo Final Episode (12): They really want that second season...

Well, at least we're done, right? This episode effectively goes how you would expect. I think the only surprise was the fact that the death flag dude didn't die.

Anyone want to explain to me how Justice managed to win the fight in this episode? One minute he was consumed with vengeance and then Wiseman activates his source or whatever and he's suddenly back to normal? It feels like we skipped a step there.'re kidding me with this, right? You might as well say "the power can only be used by the pure of heart". Also, can we not get an ending where justice is equated to altruism or self-sacrifice? They're very different ideas.

Of all places, the princess aims for the arm that she saw get mutilated in their last encounter? This is literally here just to reveal to the audience that Izzy has a prosthetic.

Oh boy! Shaky cam!

That's just...not how America works, dude.

"Just nuke it" is the American way? Eh...I'm okay with this.

Honestly, Wiseman, this entire piece from you is just gibberish to me.

Okay, they've this trick like four times now. It's basically a still frame, but the quickly shake it back and forth for WAY TOO LONG. What the heck?

Also, is Wiseman's big plan to sit back and hope that Justice wins in a 1v1 duel against the princess in "source form"? That's...worse than the nuke.

I legitimately have no idea what's going on here. You could honestly be flashing three frames in front of me right now and I wouldn't be able to tell.

Yeah, I had the same reaction, Tom.

I'm including this screenshot for no reason in particular.

What's going on here? Is this show really getting a second season? Please, don't do this to me.

Final score: 4 out of 10

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