Tales of Zestiria Episode 11: Final boss appears

Well, it looks like this arc is ending with the first battle against the Lord of Calamity...it's weird. The series has been so "different" to watch from a non-video game perspective that I almost didn't recognize it. Also, the announcement of a second season means there's probably no weird anime original ending. So, at this point, I'm going to say that we still really haven't deviated all too much from the game.

Holy crap, this horse looks extra fake.

Did Sorey just get a groupie? On another note, what's this entire scene even doing?

I mean...it's fair for Alisha not to take this too seriously, but doesn't that say a bit about Sorey's character?

I get that we're getting close to a climactic episode or whatever, but why all of this down time? With this much random small talk, you better be killing off a major character. *hint hint*

Even if these are hellions, this doesn't end well for you, Sorey. You could barely handle a single human's malevolence, so how are you going to fight this?

There's an excessive amount of unnecessary slow motion in this episode...for some reason.

Come on, guys...you gotta do better than that. I know these two have plot armor, but yeesh...

Uhh...I'm pretty sure Sorey is casually murdering all of these guys. They can't all be hellions, right?

Rose, didn't we just go over the whole "killing your countrymen" thing at the end of last week's episode? I'd understand if she were testing Alisha's conviction here, but she sounds completely serious when she's asking.

Yeah, I figured Sorey's victory was too easy...anyone else find this scene funny for some reason?

Really waiting until the last minute to introduce Dezel, huh? Also, does this mean Alisha lives?

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