Rewrite Episode 12: Giant Kharlan tree appears

Well, we're almost to the end. This week's episode was another one where I'm guessing they rushing to cram so much stuff in to the series that everything felt sudden and underdeveloped. Oh well...moving on?

Starting strong.

I get that this guy's the fire guy, but having him focus on "burning" Lucia when he really didn't burn her all is a bit...dumb.

So, I'm guessing the idea here is that it's revealed that Kotori's parents have some sort of consciousness despite being turned into monsters, but I don't think there was enough buildup here for it to have any impact.

Seriously, what do these two even do?

Wait...did this guy suddenly become an ally AND give a "silent final words" scene within the span of two minutes? I was honestly not expecting that.

Well, that was a bit anticlimactic...

I'm honestly surprised it took this long for Shizuru to rejoin everyone.

Aww man...she's going to be saved by the power of love, isn't she?

This guy's been literally running to regroup with the main characters for the entire episode...

Aaaand the end of the world!

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