Time Travel Shoujo Episode 10: Pretty good reception in the past

Well, this episode was strangely sentimental. I'm still confused about what Mari's father is doing with his time travel antics. Anyway, we're pretty close to the end of the series, so we should be getting explanations soon, right? Right??

Yeah...the past version of Mari's father is fine. Do you really think that was the same guy who disappeared for three years? He "returned to his time" while you were in the lab, so you have no reason to believe that.

Akira really put the compass in a high place to keep it from Mari? What is Mari 10 years old?


Wait...Mikage's at the lab, right? Does this mean this scene is meant to show him the secret room?

So...did Mari's father just make history into what we know today? It seems like he's guiding a lot of a scientists with his actions and future knowledge. Unless this is building up to a reveal that someone (Mikage?) broke the past and Mari sent the compass back to her father to fix it.

This entire segment of the episode didn't feel like much.

Ehh...showing future tech to a dying man probably isn't the worst thing in the world?

The wifi icons in the top-right kinda ruin this shot. I was willing to believe the camera was using Bluetooth to send the photo...

The fact that Mari doesn't realize that this is a past version of her father is really frustrating...mostly because she got on her mother's case earlier in this episode about the very same thing.

Aaaaaand busted.

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