Orange Episode 11: Can we just talk about cognitive dissonance instead?

So, this week's episode felt like it took forever for me. I felt like I was picking at pretty much apologies in advance. I still have an overall problem with the fact that so many things in the story HAVEN'T changed from what's explained in the letters and I feel like a broken record.

I still think we're trending towards the ending where Kakeru is saved and Naho still ends up marrying Suwa. I don't really get a "tragic ending" vibe from this series...more of a "you can have your cake and eat it too" vibe, so that's why I make this prediction.

Uhh...Naho? What are you jumping at? His shoulder?

Thank you, Kakeru, for being smart enough to pick up on this.

This scene is suggesting that Suwa either described this photo of Kakeru with his mother in his letter or sent the photo itself back with the letters. If he sent back photos, I'm surprised that doesn't really mess with the timeline.

Does this dialogue actually work for anyone? Is it really okay to decide who Naho spends her life with just from knowing this? It really feels like this is shifting unnecessary responsibility.

Well, this just gives away the ending, right?

Also, if you really think this statement is true, look up "cognitive dissonance" and the "free-choice paradigm". We're really good at rationalizing our decisions.

Wait...Suwa really has future photos? This seems pretty important.

Why do I get the feeling that if Kakeru ends up saying this exact same thing, it'll mean that last week's episode was effectively meaningless?

Also, given how helpful Suwa has been in the past, it really surprises me that Naho doesn't tell him what she and Kakeru actually fought about.

Okay, this happened really quick and I almost missed it, but I love this line from Hagita. Seriously...when did this guy become such an entertaining side character?

Naho, this one's your fault. Kakeru had a perfectly legitimate reason to be with his grandmother and you basically told him no. That's just...not okay. Plus, you were worried about him being alone, but he was clearly going to be with his grandmother. could have offered to go with him.

From their perspective, the future is just a possible outcome...I see no moral conundrum here. They're basically forcing Suwa to throw away his ability to make his own decision.

Well, I got nothing on this one.

  • Karandi

    Sept. 14, 2016, 6:03 a.m.

    I think that's what annoyed me the most this week, the fact that Naho could have solved this one easily. "Let's spend New Year's with your grandmother." It isn't that hard and yet Naho continues to be the grand master of cluelessness.



    Sept. 14, 2016, 8:06 a.m.

    yeah, there were plenty of ways out of this. if she had told her friends the actual details of the fight, one of them could have even thought of "go with him to his grandmother"


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