Rewrite Episode 11: Stuff about keys

Not all too much going on in this week's episode. I guess we're cooling down from last week and setting up the final battle? Also, the Guardian/Gaia stuff got put on the table, but I didn't get the feeling like it was new information.

I don't personally feel like weighing in on the "human treatment of the environment" thing, but giving Gaia the goal of wiping out humanity does kinda paint them as excessively evil.

Typical "humans suck" stuff...nothing really new here.

Was there ever any doubt? Also, the fact that the pool of blood is small means that Lucia shouldn't have been there too long, so Chihaya really should have heard her.

I guess Kotori's reaction and reluctance to use the ribbon means there's going to be some unpleasant consequence? Or does she just not trust Chihaya yet?

A "pinch" of salt? I've never heard that one before...

Lucia acknowledges that the power of the Key is what saved her, but thanks Kotarou, Kotori, and Chihaya? Isn't Kagari supposed to be the first person you thank?

So, it's starting to look like the final boss of this series is going to be brainwashed Akane? It seems to be what happened to her grandmother.

Aww, man...this was the onsen episode in disguise.

Also, if Lucia's body generates poison, how is she not killing Kotori and Chihaya right here? It doesn't make sense for her hands to be the only source of poison.

I'm with Guardian on this one. Let's kill Kagari.


Playtime's over.

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