Persona 5 - The Day Breakers: Brought to you by...

Well, I didn't know anything about the Persona 5 game before watching this episode and I'm looking forward to the game, OVA successful?

The prison theme for the game seems like it's going to be interesting. Man, the music for this game is awesome. I really liked the soundtrack for Persona 4 and the Persona 5 soundtrack like it's going to be the same experience.

Complaints I'd have for this episode are mostly around how the battle went. I'm going to cringe way too much if these guys spend all of their time posing like they did in this episode. Also, I would have liked to see more from the battle...more than a single attack per character. But I get that it's a teaser, so I can't expect so much. I'm also not entirely certain the thing where they show future events at the start of the episode really accomplished anything.

Getting right into things, huh? I guess these are the main characters.

So...what I'm getting so far is the main characters are part of a group of thieves called the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. Given that they seemed to foil a different group at the beginning of this episode, I guess they are a group that tries to stop crimes from happening?

I guess this guy doesn't like being a thief? Is he supposed to be joining the main cast? Or maybe he's just the first person to be saved by the main cast?

Was the scene at the beginning of the episode some sort of premonition or something? It feels like the main characters lucked on to finding these guys.

Well, this is a good way to accidentally get yourself arrested. These guys are probably going to run and you're just sitting upstairs waiting for the police to notice the noise.

Oh, so it was the brother. So do they just run a "help channel" website and answer people's requests? Maybe they pull especially corrupt people into the parallel world so they can battle against their darkness with Persona?

Okay...this is just awesome.

Wait...Zorro? You mean like the Legend of Zorro? This might be my favorite Persona. Though, I'm pretty sure that Z is supposed to be reversed because Zorro leaves the mark on your chest.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. All the time spent showing off the Persona and the main character just shoots the boss with a pistol.

An investigator? Is he trying to figure out who the Phantom Thieves of Hearts are?

Ohh...this is why it's a prequel. Looks like Igor is showing the main character a possible route in the game before sending him off to start his adventure? Or maybe this is a side story that never shows up in the game.

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