Time Travel Shoujo Episode 9: That really didn't go how I expected

Man, I shouldn't have said anything about this series as a time travel series. I'm so disappointed with where it's gone. This show is going to have to figure out a way to handle the paradox of Mari and Shun showing themselves the time machine. I really don't see a way out of it and that worries me. Is the only reason they created the time machine the fact that they showed it to themselves?

Is it strange that the father that's so careful about keeping knowledge of the future a secret told Bell that he's Japanese?

Does she actually refer to her husband by his last name? That seems...odd.

Is it finally time for Mari to find out that Mikage is suspicious? I mean...the encounter on the boat from last week should have tipped it off.

Wait...Mari just changed the future here by making these people leave, right? Why is this not a big deal?

What level of paradox are we at now?

Oh no!

Wait...that's it? Sand in the compass? I was expecting so much more. Also, Shun has really been reading up on the manual...

I mean...this is never going to work, but it's fair for Akira to say this. Especially since her husband followed the same route of going through the book and ended up disappearing.

First off, that's only one of the two compasses that you just saw, Akira. Why are you letting Shun keep his? Secondly, I'm starting to wonder if this is how Mikage gets his hands on the compass. He's been focusing a lot of attention on Akira.

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