Orange Episode 10: Something about symbolism

Well, the animation wasn't as noticeably bad as last week's episode. I've asked this before, but I guess I need to ask again. Are we good now? It feels like Kakeru's resolved himself, but there are still enough episodes remaining for things to go sour. Also, this post is a bit shorter because of how much of the episode is eaten up by the race.

Insert typical grumblings about time travel mechanics here. Since there was no explanation for Kakeru's ankle injury, I won't go too much into pondering how Hagita's letter was still accurate on that.

Now they're starting to accept how hard it is to change the future? That's also pretty upsetting.

Following the fun trend of only giving information from the letter when it's relevant. I think the worst part is that Azu actually asks Hagita why he doesn't tell them about it, but it cuts away before he can answer.

Come on, guys. At least fake like you're surprised to hear about his mother's death.

Something something symbolism and metaphors. Moving on.

I'm starting to like Hagita's character. He probably just wasn't present enough until now.

Normally, I like reaction faces, but this...

Lots of slow-motion baton passes and giving a message to Kakeru from each runner. Really drags it out.

Given this story about Kakeru's mother, I'd be really surprised if he still had the idea that she blamed him for her death.

Saying this line with a shot of the letter in the background that says exactly what you guys did this episode isn't very convincing. I also don't understand why you would write this in a letter. The second line is way too vague.

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