91 Days Episode 8: Vacation's over

Back with a bang, huh? Many of the events of this episode felt pretty predictable, but I really didn't see that ending coming. Was it worth the wait, though? I'm still not too sure. I thought the episode did a decent job showing Corteo as he starting breaking.

The focus on Corteo this week was also a bit unexpected. I didn't really envision him as a key player, but now I'm wondering what role he'll play against Avilio (rather than for Avilio). Or he could just die next week. I can't really discount either possibility. With Fango dead, I don't really remember there being much opposition remaining for the Vanettis. So either this turns into Avilio against the Vanettis for the final showdown or Corteo steps up to the plate, right?

Well, I had to go back to episode 1 just be to sure, but yeah...Corteo tells Avilio that the two are brothers after Avilio's family gets murdered. I've been questioning Corteo's purpose in this series (other than providing the booze). Is he really going to get jealous here?

The town is called Lawless and this guy blames the mafia for everything...solid.

This looks like the beginnings of a moral crisis of conscience. Is Corteo really going to betray Avilio?

Hmm, I didn't expect this. Corteo always felt like the only one Avilio could trust, so I'm not sure I understand him trying to cut ties here.

Once again...eyes...

Noooooo! That poor random side character!

Nero jumps to the side and these guys continue to shoot straight ahead...I don't understand. They must have really hated that guy in the middle.

This scene basically yells at us that Corteo's responsible for the attack.

Sounds like Corteo is going to be "taken care of".

"Your services are no longer needed."

Holy crap...I did not see that coming. That was pretty insane.

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