Time Travel Shoujo Episode 8: It's the ocean...

Relatively boring episode this week. Much of the episode was spent giving the obligatory beach episode. I'm guessing we're getting close enough to the end of the series that we need to have Mari get caught by Mikage, right? Anyway, it seems like Alexander Graham Bell is going to get a multi-episode arc...though, does this really count?

Not even the science series can resist giving us the beach episode...

The first part of this episode is devoted to showing off how rich Mari's mother's side of the family is. Woooo...so much fun.

I was surprised that a girl in Western culture would react with a laugh to Mari's father and the sneeze. But it gets revealed that she's deaf later and she probably just responds that way to most things people say.

Once again, I have no idea why the laws of time travel seem to only apply to Mari's father. He seems to be very careful about revealing his identity as a time traveler from the future, but Mari always just gives it away. It was revealed last week that Mari helped design the time travel system, but this still doesn't explain it.

Just...why? If they were just going to have Mikage show up like this in the ocean, why have that scene earlier where he drives past the main cast on the road? What did that accomplish?

Everybody's favorite time travel paradox. Did Shun become a physicist because that was his true calling or was it because he read the book?

Well, that makes no sense.

I'm pretty sure this is the first "evil villain" thing these guys have done this entire series...

I get that Mari is trying to give the book to Shun to safeguard, but isn't it a stupid idea for her to be touching the book while wearing the compass? That's like asking for the time travel effect to happen while Mikage is watching.


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