Taboo Tattoo Episode 9: Go even faster!

Okay, I'm not really upset about the decision to avoid dwelling too much on BB's background...but jeez this episode really ran along like mad. There was no room for anything...just scenes going from one to another rapidly with no transition and no means to orient yourself. Honestly, I had a hard time caring for the information the episode was trying to give me.

And from the preview, it sounds like we're not quite done with BB yet. And I apologize if the quality of this post is poor...I honest have no idea what I just watched.

facepalm Who decided this line was a good idea?

This headline seems legit...

Really? Come on, man. I guess they killed off their fanservice bait last week and want to make amends?

This action scene looks like it's literally going at double speed.

Uhh...okay. I guess it's a more thought-out definition of evil than most people have.

Aaaaand randomly a room of Aryas.

No comment.

Seriously, how could they not expect her to do this?

So, the king takes sperm from thousands of men, impregnates multiple women, and still manages to create a room of girls that all look like Arya? Explain to me how this works.

I have literally no sense of time right now.

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