Orange Episode 9: Trouble soon?

Holy crap, I could not stop noticing the animation quality of this week's episode (I did my best not to point it out too many times). Was I just blind before or is this new? Standard letter-related grumbles aside, I guess this week's episode was supposed to suggest the rift building between Kakeru and Naho as he tries to keep her at a distance to "protect" her. Given that next week's episode is probably going to be the all-important relay race, maybe that means that they'll have an argument as a result?

Also, does anyone else cringe constantly whenever the main characters are doing stuff that very obviously telegraphs the knowledge from the letters? I get that Kakeru has no reason to suspect, but it just feels awkward for me as someone who knows.

Well, this explains why they all had an irrational disdain for Ueda. Was I the only one who thought that was weird?

It also raises a more important question. Last week's episode was uplifting or whatever because it paralleled the group working together in the present with the group working together in the future. If they all agreed to send letters to their past selves, why wouldn't they collaborate and make sure they all got the same information? I understand personalizing to each recipient, but why not get the "predictions" from Naho's diary?

Low self-esteem? You know you don't have to have sex with a guy to make him happy, right?

...wait, that's not...

Hagita's not looking so hot here. Also, you're being a little bit dangerous holding the future letter behind your back like that, Azusa.

I know this is really nitpicky, but Naho holds her hand at a downward angle in the first shot (which looks painful) and has moved her had to a sideways position in the second shot.

The awkward feeling when you tell a lie that everyone knows is false...but you don't realize it.


So that was Suwa's master plan all along! He's going to betray everyone!

On noes!

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