Rewrite Episode 9: I must protect the wild!

The episode for 91 days this week is just a recap, so we need to mess with the timetable. As for this episode, I guess that's finally Kotori explained. Kagari's explanation seemed a bit anticlimactic happening at the same time. So...time for some action and battles next week?

Haha this guy. Also, was he the guy that Kotarou ran into a few episodes back while searching for Shizuru? I thought the other guy's hair was redder, but maybe it's a different filter in this scene.

Modesty is important, I guess?

Even with the arrows to point them out, I had to pause the video to see all three of them in this shot. Once again, not looking so hot over there, Chibimoth.

You monster!!

Sigh...part of me feels like this series would be a lot more interesting if Yoshino was around to do more than just give small patches of advice. He's really channeling his inner Vegeta in this scene.

This might be more cool if he wasn't saying it while standing in a ray of light.

Thaaaaat says "reguler". Also, it says "coffee" at the top, in the middle, and along the bottom in different characters, but I'm going to pretend like I didn't notice that.

Hmm...Kagari has used her ribbons before while seemingly conscious, but for some reason, it's suggested that she doesn't notice using her ribbons to attack the dogs here.

Kotori physically pulls Kotarou into the portal, but still has to run into view here. Did she run out of view for dramatic effect after pulling them in?

Wait...Kotori survived in a car driving off a cliff and still had the strength to climb this tree? She's made of titanium or something...

Also, she's apparently a druid or something and knows the secret of Kagari. Something like attention is somewhere else.

Sure, sure. Wait...what? You're lucky he's the protagonist.

Well, I guess it's a good thing they didn't call the environmental protection agency like normal people would...

The president's own affiliation to Gaia wasn't enough proof?

Jurassic World?

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