Time Travel Shoujo Episode 7: Now we know who to blame

It's too bad. I've found the time travel aspects of this series to be interesting so far, but this week's episode just relegates it all to futuristic science mumbo jumbo. That's just frustrating. Oh well. As for the actual episode, Morse mostly gets thrown in the background. I guess Morse code is well-known enough that we don't really need much explanation?

This week's episode raises an interesting question. So far, we have seen Mari and Waka go back in the past and do things that should really have changed the future, but we see no evidence that this has happened. We have also seen that it's possible to change the past, as Mari's father does it. So here's my question. If Mari does do something that changes the past, could the "past version" of her father notice it in the future and change it back without her present self noticing? Is that what has been happening this whole time?

Is she...giving Mari permission to bug Shun? Is that something she can even give permission to do? I guess this scene is the mother trying to play matchmaker, but do people really say stuff like this?

Ahh...Asian standards.

This is the "deep" quote that's going to come into play later in the episode, right?

And which one is Waka's? That feels like a pretty important element that Shun really shouldn't miss. My guess on the easy explanation is that Waka is using Mari's father's compass and he's stuck in a time period because the compass somehow made it back to the present without him.

I'm fine with Waka not going back with Mari, but I wish we could have at least gotten a reason for it.

Can Morse hear Shun here? The way Mari looks at the compass makes it seem like the sound is coming from there, but Morse's question makes it unclear.

Seriously, every time Mari's father appears, new inconsistencies also appear. Is this scene trying to suggest that Mari's father sparked Morse's interest in science? How does he even know to do that in his timeline?

I really don't understand how Mari's father can so easily change the past, but Mari seems pretty good at keeping it intact.

So...we got time travel technology from the future? That's a paradox waiting to happen.

They were the culprits all along! Still, the magical "TSS limiter" to prevent a paradox is a bit annoying.

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