Taboo Tattoo Episode 8: Being Justice is suffering

I guess this episode was supposed to be a turning point of some sort. Things got pretty gruesome, huh? Still, I feel like the series doesn't really handle tone correctly and most of the events of the episode end up having no real impact. Also, so many of these characters just feel so unnecessary...Touko in particular. What did she even contribute to the show?

Other than that, standard complaints about sound effects that don't fit and random camera rotations. Next week's episode seems to be entirely focused on BB's memories, so there's likely not going to be all too much going on.

Does anyone actually talk like this? It's like someone said "hey, using the word 'compensation' is probably too stale" and opened the thesaurus.

I can't watch! I mean...literally, I can't see it.


I guess I'm supposed to say "oooohhh pretty" here?

I care so little about this fight right now...

I've watched enough anime to know where this is going...

Did Justice just power up on willpower? Seriously? And awkwardly, this scene is preceded by Izzy berating herself about how useless she is as she...continues to do nothing?

You're not the only one thinking that, Justice. This entire scene feels so rushed and chaotic that I just don't feel anything.

Hahaha! Uhh...I mean, this is very tragic...or something. (Seriously, why would you just run across a battlefield like that with no regard for your surroundings?)

Time to be a real hero of justice?

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