Orange Episode 8: What could it mean??

Oh I really supposed to cheer for you? Because it's really difficult. Anyway, I guess the "we're all in this together" vibe from this episode wasn't bad, but I'm really what point do we cross the line into manipulation? Feels a little bit sketchy. And Naho, I just have no words...

Woohoo! Let's ride this wave of friendship and happiness until the end!

Wait...does this line mean she got a letter too? SHE KNOWS!

O...kay...that's how we're doing things?

Now you ask that? Well, I guess it's more like "finally!", right?

So, rather than suggest that Naho find a way to help Kakeru with his nervousness about being the anchor, the letter says just stop him from doing it? Wouldn't that risk leaving a negative impression with the rest of the class?

So, is the point of this episode to cast doubt on the letters? This feels like one of those things that Naho's letter might mention. Something like "Kakeru wants to run it, but he breaks down in the end". So the fact that the letter doesn't mention that probably means Kakeru is acting differently this time? I sure hope that's the case.

Oh...guess all the stuff I just said is meaningless. Not bad.

Uhh...the teacher chose the original relay members based on running times, right? Why are starting to think you can win it now that you've replaced basically the entire team?

Extending his hand out to you? What could it mean??

Uhh...are you sure about that?

Well...this makes sense. But it also doesn't. I'm not sure whether it's better for the story if they had the letters the whole time or if they just now received them. Both options feel bad.

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