Tales of Zestiria Episode 7: Praise the Shepherd

Aaaaand we're back. I'm a bit salty that the big tornado that they left before the Berseria interruption ended up disappearing almost immediately. That being said, I will say that the way Mikleo is being handled in the anime is probably better than what happened in the game. Anyway, next week's episode is probably the introduction of everyone's favorite character, Edna, so prepare yourselves (I'm already braced).

I'm really surprised the citizens of this city are just standing here gaping like fools...where's the panic, guys?

WHAT? It just...left?

Yeah, this guy isn't sketchy at all. He could just be an opportunist trying to use the situation to prop Sorey up, but part of my wonders whether he's responsible for the dragon. And if so, that's just ridiculous...

Uhh...the last time I checked, Alisha can only hear Lailah while Sorey is holding his breath. So, is she magically able to hear Lailah say this? Because the line is clearly directed at her.

We're just going to pretend this is juice, right? Because Tales protagonists are infamous for being kids (except Yuri, who was pushing it).

Hmm...so far so good. In the game, Mikleo's approach is something like "I want to help too, so stop leaving me out of this, Sorey." He then storms off like a child. This feels more mature, as he's wondering what his role is now that Sorey is the Shepherd before going out to find the Sacred Relic he needs to support Sorey.

Aaaand that's the battle for this week. Woohoo!

Bye, Alisha...

Wait...isn't this where Sorey meets Edna? You mean he's going to recruit her before he officially recruits Mikleo? That's new.

Sigh...the famous Lailah puns. We've been going so long without them, too...

Edna is here!

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