Rewrite Episode 8: Amnesia everywhere!

So, I guess the main point of this episode is to introduce Kagari into the cast. In my opinion, introducing her as an amnesiac is kinda lame, but what can you do? Other than that, some brief status updates on the other characters after the group is split, but not too much going on. We must be setting up the final conflict or something?

Uhh...what? Is this how physics works? Heck, it should have at least set her hair on fire.

Side note: coming back to this after finishing the episode. Is the show telling me that this rock to the head is the reason Kagari has amnesia? Because if so, I just...have no words. That's just...bad.

Well...this is new. Compared to the first opening, this song isn't really much. It's actually a bit boring.

He's got control over his new power already?

She speaks! But...why now? Because Kotori is missing? Because they're friends now after what happened in the forest?

Haha what?

Gotta scrub that history, right? I'm not even mad about this joke.

I was about to ask the same thing, Kotarou.

Okay, I'm starting to understand that Kagari's quirk is that she randomly switches the syllables of these multi-character words, but it really doesn't translate into English well. "Kayo" was fine, but was I really supposed to get "feecof"?

In the long-range shot, Kagari's clothes are clearly her default black, but the very next scene shows them in "school uniform" form up close.

Wait...the reporter girl's memory loss was real? I didn't know whether I was supposed to trust that line.

Whoa whoa Kagari. You can't ask too many questions about anime parents. They're just a myth! This leads to a reveal that Kotarou's parents work for Gaia, but that's frankly not that interesting...

This is a bit awkward. Chihaya and Akane's "status update" had a logical transition because the question about Kotarou's parents leads into a the reveal about the Martel Group. The status update for Shizuru and Lucia is just a random switch.

Oh...I forgot these guys.

Chibimoth's not looking so good over there...

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