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Random Anime of the Week: Alderamin

I don't have any show in particular I want to talk about this week, so I'm just going to use this free space to say that Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin (or Alderamin on the Sky?) is the show I enjoy the most in this season that is not being covered on this blog. The main character of the series, Ikta Solork, is the kind of character I tend to like, the lazy genius. Despite his standard behavior, he has strong opinions and doesn't remain indifferent on the sidelines.

The series also displays some really cool combat situations, showing off Ikta's strategic prowess in really entertaining ways. Most of the other characters, so far, have had fairly little to contribute to the series (except for Yatori, who has a pretty strong relationship with Ikta, story-wise). I'd say the one that's going to make or break the series for me is probably going to be princess, who is currently a somewhat annoying brat and does the voiceovers at the end of the episode that I despise. I also still haven't figured out what the spirits are doing. But overall, I look forward to each week's episode.

Random Music of the Week: Gundam Build Fighters Soundtrack

A Twitter bot turned me on to this soundtrack this week. I'm really surprised at how good it is...and I'm kicking myself for missing it despite watching the series (this is what happens when I marathon a series). There are a lot of cool tracks in the soundtrack, but the embedded song is my favorite one so far.

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