Time Travel Shoujo Episode 6: Now they're officially Time Masters

So this episode pretty much goes as expected...Mari finally remembers what her father tells her about the instruction manual and everything ends up okay. I'm curious about what control the system has over time, though. The biggest thing is that it seems to be powerful enough to control what speed it looks through time, which seems crazy. Physicists out there? Any ideas?

Side note: as I say below, while the time travel mechanic in this series is still pretty magical, the series actually does a decent job at preempting some of my nitpicks. Quality of the show aside, it's a pleasant surprise.

This seems like a bit of a leap for someone like Waka. Just because she didn't go back to the present with Mari doesn't mean she's stuck. In all of Mari's previous adventure's she has returned home after some time had passed, so it's reasonable to expect the same would happen for Waka.

Sigh...as if I didn't find Waka annoying already.

Haha who talks like this?


Ohh...the button wasn't red. That's why they haven't pressed it yet!

I was going to complain about the fact that Waka is no longer sped up, but they came up with an explanation before I could. This series is surprisingly good at this.

facepalm Did you seriously just tell him that, Waka?

I guess this is the show's way of pretending Waka didn't cause a paradox? By saying Faraday was never going to quit science and that he already had an idea when Waka tells him about the motor? Still...

Aww, man...Mari's father makes this time travel series too complicated. This episode suggests that the only reason Faraday is allowed to grow into the scientist we know him to be today is because Mari's father stops Davy from acting out too much on his resentment for Faraday. But how does Mari's father know Faraday would be a great scientist in his world? Why is he here to change this?

Sigh...this guy. I guess this has something to do with the pages in the book being visible now. He probably gets the chance to read it because the main characters leave it or something.

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