Taboo Tattoo Episode 7: Traps

Well...I still have no idea what's going on. For some reason, I had a lot of nitpicks with this episode. Though, to be fair, a decent number were translation issues. I like how the princess tells Justice about how boring happy endings are in this's similar to how I think she turned out to be a boring character. Anyway, I guess BB will be dying next week.

Please tell me this is going to be important later.

While the audio makes it sound like this is a literal translation, would it really have been that terrible to switch up the second sentence to "fucking seriously"? I mean, they did it with the first sentence.

Also, this is the American army, right? Why is this Asian kid the only one speaking like a real American? Come on, guys.

This gun fires off a few rounds, stops, and then fires again for a good 20 seconds. Just why? Also, making me listen to a machine gun fire for waaaaay too long.

I complain because the very next scene shows Justice complaining about the fact that they're overdoing with NO machine gun sound in the background. You know what would have been easier? Having Justice voice his complaint over the sound of the machine gun...

Okay, I wasn't going to say anything about the "ram a big, fat sausage up their asses" line earlier, but what the heck is this line? First you downgrade from sausage to hot dog, and then you randomly add french bread? If all you cared about was size, the baguette was enough...

What? Everyone else just jumped out of this helicopter and you're getting upset at Justice for doing the exact same thing?

Really? Everyone's going to do the shocked reaction face individually?

Really contributing to the fight, Justice.


I'm just going to pretend I don't notice that black void on the bottom part of the screen.

Why does Izzy wait so long to use this? Because regular guns are cool?

The true hero has arrived!

This feels like such a generic "villain speech"...

What? What does Izzy even do in this series anymore?

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