Orange Episode 7: Mission accomplished

This week's episode wasn't bad, but isn't it happening too early? We're barely halfway through the series and we've apparently gotten the "mission accomplished" signal. Is there no tension throughout the rest of the series? Or is it not over yet?

Well, I'm guessing people wouldn't like this series if the rest of the series was just sunshine and rainbows, so I'm guessing something is going to set Kakeru off again. Presumably, Naho and Suwa haven't succeeded in changing the future yet, so the only question is how they're going to figure this out. I'm still frustrated at how the time travel aspect is used in this series. It still feels way too it was just tossed into the story to make the plot move forward.

Ugh...Suwa got the same warning as Naho about inviting Kakeru home with them. His excuse was not finding the letter in time. This is why you don't make your most important command the first one...

I pointed this out last week and I'll ask again. Why would Suwa have details in his letters? Is his memory just that good? Naho's excuse was a diary.

This scene is awesome. I really like how Naho and Suwa have these comically animated facial expressions while they're obviously faking their reactions. It's a nice touch.

...this guy...

What? How does the future Suwa know this? His letter says that they didn't find out about Kakeru's birthday until after it had passed, so the conversation between Suwa and Kakeru where Kakeru mentions the bouquet should not have happened, right? You expect me to believe that Suwa coincidentally had this conversation with Kakeru in the original timeline?

You know...I'm not even surprised that Naho doesn't find out about Kakeru's feelings for her until she's 26...

Well, this proves the future hasn't changed. They would have remembered this. That means that this bouquet somehow came up in conversation in another random way, which is just story convenience. Naho's letters just randomly know that Suwa has told Naho about his own letters? Just why?

Not bad.

Uhh...Suwa, are you sure you should be saying that to Kakeru?

It's happening!

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