Tales of Zestiria (??) Episode 6: How to promote a game

Well, the promotion period is over. It's kind of a shame...the cast of Berseria seems a lot more interesting than the cast of Zestiria, so I feel like I'd prefer to keep watching it over switching back. I feel like Zestiria's cast is limited by the fact that the majority of them are Seraphim, whereas Berseria's cast gets to be whatever it wants (like most Tales games).

Tales Nerd Corner (feel free to skip down):
So far, Artorius looks a lot like Gaius (from Tales of Xillia) and Van (from Tales of the Abyss) with his God Generals surrounding him in the opening. He even looks a lot like Van. It's not the worst thing in the world, but I'm curious how he'll separate himself from his counterparts.

Just a reminder...you're definitely watching Zestiria.

A what? Was this what was translated as "Daemon Eater" last week? It looks a lot like "glutton", so...sure?

Is it just me or does this fight seem off? It looks like the fight is at 2x speed or something. Oscar looks like he's frozen most of the time, but moves his sword to meet Velvet's in a flash when each strike happens.

Why? Why would you thrust with a sword that has no point?

Oohhhh...that gets rid of one of my complaints from last week. There was a relationship between Velvet and the sacrificial child after all. Carry on with your revenge plot then.

I'll reserve my judgment on the "all people have a role in life" statement that Oscar made until we learn more about the world. That statement is a bit sketchy.

I mean...why should she? If Artorius is supposed to be stopping these dragons from existing, he's doing a very poor job. And heck...Seres has no reason to trust that Oscar's description of the dragon and its origin is the truth.

Ahh...the comic relief is here.

Oh yeah...I was wondering what happened to this guy. Also, that quotation mark is awkward.

Well, this explains why I don't remember seeing Seres as a playable character.

Oh cool, is this the Berseria game opening? It's the right song (I came across it earlier this week). It's nice (song is Burn by FLOW for anyone curious)...

Back to Zestiria next week...

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