Rewrite Episode 7: Dragons and raptors. Why not?

Woohoo! It's finally time for the real story to start. Well, I'm curious how all of these things will play out. I guess the next step for Kotarou is to re-recruit everyone, right? Or are we actually doing Guardian vs. Gaia until the end?

The way they're talking about reporter girl, it's almost like she's dead...but that's crazy, right? Right?

The grown-up logic in this scene is pretty baffling. Disbanding the occult club doesn't...accomplish anything. They can still meet up, just not at school. Is it just for show? And are they giving up on Inoue because it's all a conspiracy?

This never works...

I get that hoods have a muffling effect and everything, but how does this guy not hear Kotarou call out in this silent forest?

Wolverine! I guess this is a subtle way of explaining Kotarou's protagonist immortality? Is his power more than just the rewrite thing?

CGI raptors? Sigh...these guys move around like they're statues that someone is tilting left and right...

Also, I would have liked to see more in the fight sequence. Shizuru had an okay sequence, but Lucia's slash turned into the standard white slash on a black screen thing.

No one's going to question this?

Uhh...sure? I don't know how I'm supposed to be reacting here.

Oh hey...Kotori could see her after all. That explains the scene from a few episodes back.

GASP! The culprits all along were...

Though Akane pretty much outed herself last week, I didn't fully suspect Chihaya as part of Gaia. I really should have, though. Kotori seemed the most normal of group as Kotarou's childhood friend, and it didn't make sense for there to be only one Gaia member in the group to counterbalance two Guardian members. Plus, there was the thing with the log from earlier...

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