91 Days Episode 6: The Lasagna Is a Lie

Well, this episode is going to make me deathly paranoid about whatever I eat for the rest of the day. Thanks, Fango. But seriously, this episode was pretty entertaining. Fango looks like he'll be cool to watch and Avilio delivers on one of his plans as usual. Really look forward to where we go next.

This is how real friends are made.

Avilio always has a plan- wait, what?

Hey, man...I enjoy lasagna every now and then too, but this show seems pretty obsessed with it. Now I have to assume it's just what all mobsters eat.

Anyone else bothered by the fact that this flask which looks smaller than the glass contains enough alcohol to fill two glasses?

Oh snap...Avilio's throwing another piece into this den of betrayal.

I mean...smart of this guy to shoot the barrels, but stupid of him to shoot high. Heck, for all you know, the barrel just wasn't filled up all the way.

No one is safe when Avilio is around. Is Nero really finished off so quickly in the series? It's weird that the camera zooms out for the second shot, so we can't see exactly where Nero is shot the second time. That makes me think this is all an act.

Not too bad...using the information about Avilio's father to really make us question whether Nero was dead. Still, it feels a little convenient that Don Orco never mentions Testa Lagusa by name, but we can't bust Avilio so early, huh?

I'm really starting to like this character. He's nuts, but in an entertaining way. But the chef's hat can only mean that he...uhh...the episode title is "To Slaughter a Pig" after all.

First off, the visual presentation of this maniacal laugh deserved more attention...how disappointing. Second...holy crap, I had a guess at what was coming, but it's still madness.

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