Time Travel Shoujo Episode 5: Ditched in Time

Oh hey, we finally have a multi-episode scientist. Faraday is probably pretty deserving of that. This episode was somewhat frustrating for me because almost all of the tension spawns from Mari's inability to tell people what she learned in last week's episode. Heck, what's the point of watching her through the weird clock thing if they can't even learn anything from it? Speaking of which, we finally got a good look at the screen on that clock thing and it looks like the events of the past go in fast-forward...at least that part makes sense.

I'm sure this will be relevant to the time travel story...somehow? Still, not that bad of a reaction face (not too useful, though).

Even though this guy failed every subject, we're just going to focus on English...for some reason.

Weird that the Mary Celeste is being brought up in an episode about Faraday. Do those two even have a common element? My guess is that they're going to use time travel mechanics to explain how the people aboard the ship mysteriously disappeared.

First off, I guess this week's episode marks the first time travel by Waka? And secondly, Team Time Travelers Go!

Something that should be painfully obvious to someone as smart as Waka. I get that she's emotional, but it's still pretty dumb that she asks to be sent back an hour in the past. The other major problem with that is that Mari's actions have never changed the past, so Waka has no way of knowing it's even possible to do so (we know that Mari's father has been able to change the past, but none of the main characters should know this).

I guess the series wants us to focus on the fact that Waka is here too, which isn't too surprising. The time travel itself is pretty weird. There's no bright flash of light that makes people in the destination time period freak out and for some reason, the two are "dropped" the orange cart instead of just appearing.

I really don't understand how they get away with just telling people this...

Strange...I figured Waka joining Mari would make things more interesting since she's the more studious of the two, but it's really no different. Funny enough, Mari actually seems the smarter of the two with her experience of time traveling in the previous episodes.

This dude would be eaten alive in today's scientific world where it's the first to publish that gets all the credit...

Well, this is convenient. Mari's the one that knows about the instruction manual on the console, so bringing her back gives Shun a chance to finally make an impact.

This is also a bit of a strange mechanic to introduce. Are Mari and Waka going to take turns going back for each scientist? I feel like things could be more interesting if they're together, but I guess it's harder to avoid messing up the past.

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