Taboo Tattoo Episode 6: Real Justice

Introducing BB in this episode as a role model for Justice (hehe get it?) is a bit sudden, don't you think? And throwing him in as a former role model/love interest for Izzy makes it almost assured that he'll die. Other than that...I mean, this episode wasn't the worst, right? Better than last week? I dunno...I'm out of stuff for this show.

Starting the episode strong with another random camera rotation...

There are four Void Makers...because reasons.

Does it? Does it really set a bad example? I'm just saying...


She misses Justice with four guns at this range...come on, guys. At least make the plot armor look believable.

Sigh...I knew this was the only way to get a perfect ending in this situation, but I was really hoping they wouldn't have BB magically locate all of the bombs that he had no way to locate. At least make up a reason...

Justice says BB is the real deal, followed by this line...I really don't understand this dialogue.

Training time!

Well...I was hoping the princess would have more interesting goals than this. Still, I guess I can reserve judgment until we get more specifics.

Sure, why not?

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