Orange Episode 6: More allies?

So the big reveal in this episode is not bad. We might actually have some hope for saving Kakeru. That being said, I'm still not fully convinced...part of me wonders whether it just devalues the time travel aspect and makes consistency harder to maintain. On the shoujo side of things, I'm just still upset that Naho has no idea that Kakeru likes her. But I guess I have to celebrate the fact that she finally read ahead?

I guess the main reservation I have about this twist is if we're moving towards a story where everyone is conspiring to keep Kakeru happy, it feels a bit overly manipulative and it just me?

Sure...that's not obvious at all. I mean, I like that the question is flipped on Kakeru, but it also makes me more upset at Naho. If the person he liked wasn't in the three girls in the group, would he have refused to answer like that?

Just the fact that this award is a thing is pretty funny.

Helpful Suwa is helpful.

It's true that Ueda is annoying and they've introduced her heavily as the bad guy in the last episode this one, but this is still not cool. Telling her the wrong location is fine, but faking Kakeru's intentions is a bit messed up.


Doesn't this seem a bit lazy? In a typical romance series, part of building the relationship is getting through the major trauma of at least one of the two in the couple. Basically, what I'm saying is if this were a standard shoujo series with no time travel, helping Kakeru deal with his regrets about his mother's death would have happened anyway.

Well, she finally admits it...

Am I the only person who is seeing this from the truck driver's perspective? Isn't it a bit scummy to kill yourself in a way that could make someone else guilty about your death? Come on, man.

I have no idea how this question works. I guess it makes sense that Naho acts more forceful given the knowledge that Kakeru commits suicide...looking forward to how this messes up.

Kakeru's self-blame might be a bit understandable, but Naho's is not. Her future self gave her no reason to trust the letters yet. If she really wanted her past self to avoid inviting Kakeru on that day, she would have built her past self's trust first before giving an important command.

This is actually not too surprising. I've been thinking for a while that it makes no sense that Naho is the only one to receive a letter from the future. Still, it does bring up a lot of questions. Naho's letters were explained by the fact that she kept a detailed diary. Does Suwa have the same details? It probably makes more sense that he doesn't...he definitely would not have let Kakeru get invited to the group on the first day.

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