Tales of Zestiria (??) Episode 5: We interrupt your regularly scheduled program...

The long-awaited Berseria episode is finally here! Guess it wasn't actually a crossover since they just interrupted the Zestiria story to give us a couple of episodes from Berseria. It makes sense since integrating Velvet into Zestiria (which is years in the future) would be weird, but it's still awkward that they just stop Zestiria (at somewhat of a cliffhanger) and randomly start a new story. As a fan of the Tales series, I'm fine with it because it gives me more information about the upcoming game...but from an anime-only perspective, I'm guessing this is just jarring. Plus, the terms they use are probably just random (like Malak or exorcist).

As for the actual content of the episode, Velvet seems like an interesting-enough main character at first glance. I feel like there's definitely potential for her to be an interesting "dark" protagonist, but my personal worries have me wondering if she's just going to get lost in her mission to kill Artorius and end up being the crazy one that charges in whenever he's mentioned.

Wait, so I was actually supposed to trust the preview skit from last week? They're just going to switch the story over to Berseria for a bit? Well, let's just sit back and watch Velvet.

From what I've gathered from the Berseria trailers (I haven't watched all of them), Artorius is the one responsible for Velvet's left arm and the primary antagonist of the game. Berseria's world is also the same as Zestiria's, but set in the past, so I guess daemons are its version of hellions.

Oh nooooo...having this sheath in your face must be so intimidating...

I believe the Malak in this series are the magic users of the world and basically act as an analogue to the Seraphim of Zestiria.

This character's not bad, but his personality and appearance remind me of Raven from Vesperia, which is a bit worrying.

I know the party is still level 1 at this stage, but the magic Seres displays as a Malak in this episode seems like mostly party tricks...unlocking doors and closing this one. Is she meant to be a supportive mage or is this the nature of magic in this world? Granted, I'm not fully convinced she's going to be a major party member, but I'm still questioning her abilities.

Something's off about the premise of this game. Velvet's upset because Artorius used a child as a sacrifice to gain his powers? I understand having a moral disagreement with these kinds of methods, but I don't feel like they fully explain her desperate revenge plot. What's her relationship with the kid?

I'm gonna have to complain about physics again, huh? Shouldn't Velvet's arm be dragged up above the rest of her body? Unless she's purposely using extra strength here to keep body moving against the flow of gravity...

I love the song that's playing in the background here. It's used in the trailers for Berseria a lot and I guess it's like a main theme. The music in general for this episode has been a cool introduction into the game's soundtrack, but yeah...this song is awesome.

Aaaand there's your Zestiria tie-in.

Really? The Berseria episode is when you want to use Zestiria's actual video game opening? That makes no sense. The new anime opening even has Velvet in it, so it makes way more sense...

  • Nightsworn

    Aug. 8, 2016, 5:54 p.m.

    This episode did get me interested in the Berseria game, so that's good, right? :D I mean, the story might end up being the standard revenge plot, but still...

    *isn't going to be baited by the mention of physics*



    Aug. 8, 2016, 6:15 p.m.

    well, i was already going to play berseria, so no help there >.>

    *wafts the smell of science*


  • Karandi

    Aug. 9, 2016, 3:25 a.m.

    As someone with no clue about the game/s, while this was a jarring shift I actually really enjoyed this episode and the characters it introduced. No idea how it connects to the story I was watching but kind of hoping it will make sense eventually.
    The whole cliff jump thing made me roll my eyes. Her logic that the kid fell from further (given the kid is probably dead) didn't really hold a as a reason to launch yourself from a tower and the entire animation of her falling kind of relied very heavily on physics that only work in anime.
    Still, really interesting.



    Aug. 9, 2016, 6:11 a.m.

    i find the characters more interesting at first glance than zestiria and it makes me look forward to playing the game, but yeah...hard to judge on one episode

    yeah, that jump is all kinds of sketchy


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