Rewrite Episode 6: Darn, I chose wrong

So, we're moving from girls in secret organizations over to girls and saving the environment? I guess I'm pretty neutral about that. Are the environmental toxins and such going to have something to do with the eventual destruction of the world? Aww this series going to make me give an opinion on the "save the planet" political discussion? Man...

Just a typical Sunday morning, guys...

Really? Saying it was a joke doesn't seem to fit Kotarou's personality. Also, how did he get out of the other restraints? Did he actually sit still in the chair while Lucia untied him up to the point where the blindfold is removed?

This entire scene feels like it would logically fit better at the end of last week's episode, rather than the start of a new episode. I guess this plays into the complaints that people had about rushing Lucia's story, but yeah...I'm wondering how they'll transition out of it to the next part.

Wait...what? Fasting to build up determination for an apology? Am I missing something here? To be fair, I'm really distracted by the game in the lower left, but I don't think I'd miss anything that big, right?

Something about this scene is hilarious. I think it's the "LEGENDOOOO!!!!", but who knows?

What the...huh? I mean, I guess the occult club is having a productive day...

Oh, this guy again...I forgot about you. I don't understand why Kotarou insists that this is a mammoth. I mean, sure it's not much of a dog either, but it looks nothing like mammoth. Though, I guess I don't know what I would call it in that situation.

For any normal protagonist, I would say "how does he survive this?", but I guess Kotarou rewrote his body a few episodes ago for the rooftop chase. Shouldn't the others be suspicious, though?

So many questions here. First off, the dialogue made it sound like all of the phenomena in that "utopia" were caused by toxins emitted by the rotting trees. Does that make sense? Are the toxins put there by nature or by man? Because if they're put there by man, it's irresponsible to not report this. Shouldn't we be cleaning this up? My guess is that this is a "mystical" phenomenon and it'll be important later.

Is Kotori reacting to the tree (like Kotarou) or is she reacting to the ribbon girl (as she's disappearing or something)? Or both? It certainly seemed like Kotarou was having some kind of flashback or vision of himself and Kotori.

Really? Is that what "point of no return" means? Granted, she says it in English, so I'm assuming this dialogue makes more sense in Japanese. It's just awkward in English. Blame translators?


Yeah, that's right! Wait what?

But reporter-chan wasn't supposed to count as one of them! You can't get mad at me for not guessing the next girl correctly, right? Right??? Spare me, VNers!

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