Planetarian Final Episode: Target Practice

Not too surprised by the ending here. I spent most of the episode really thinking about Yumemi and how reasonable her actions and words were...whether they were the actions of robot or a human written as a robot. As for my assessment of the series, I guess it's not bad as a story of finding hope in a lost world, but I'd say that's not really my thing.

This scene's not bad. It makes sense that this guy would understand the tanks he's fighting and his comments on the tank's movements and "decisions" are pretty concise. He's explaining, rather than narrating. Still, a warning for headphone users would have been nice.

Nah, dude...we just call that irony.

Ugh...this guy talks about "conserving ammo" earlier, but the tank wastes so many rounds firing above him while he's out in the open in front of it.


Well...this is a bit of a different take on having her life flash before her eyes.

Hey...stop being so serious. I'm trying to make snide remarks here.

Ahh...thank you, rain.

Was she named after the memory card or did they actually just print her name on it? Also, 128 exabytes and apparently waterproof? Can I have one?

After four minutes of credits! But eh...this is a decent way to show the change the Junker has gone through.

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