Time Travel Shoujo Episode 4: Why would you program an instruction manual?

Not a huge fan of this week's episode. The exploration of Volta as a scientist was practically non-existent and much of the focus was on reuniting Mari with her father. To me, the episode did more to display the flaws of the time travel mechanic in the series than do any science teaching. But meh...what can you do?

No comment.

Ugh...I really hope the convenient timing of the compass activations isn't just random or unexplained. Because it definitely seems like the kind of detail that would get swept under the rug.

Another thing that hasn't really been explained so far is this screen that these two use to watch Mari. In the first time jump, it was established that time moved at a different rate when Mari went back in time (her days in the past were only hours in the present). So what exactly do these two see on the screen? Mari moving in fast-forward?

I guess it's supposed to be a recurring theme that Mari's father is ahead of her by a step, but why did Ben Franklin not know him?

Mari's father turns around twice...that bothers me. Also, he showed up fast.

Okay, this is actually interesting, but I feel like it's going to get ignored.

Let me get this straight. Mari's father goes back to the past and blunders. After returning to the future and finding this out, he goes back in time again to fix things (that's the only way he could predict Volta's death so accurately). So how does this alternate timeline exist? From Mari's perspective, time has remained constant since her father manages to fix his mistake, but while her father is in the past, her timeline shouldn't exist yet. So it's weird that they're able to meet at all.

And let's also add the more obvious paradox that the only reason Mari's father gives her the compass is because she tells him he gives her the compass...

The fact that none of this ever seems to change the future really bothers me...

This is literally all the science we get this week.

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