Orange Episode 5: These letters never end...

I'm really conflicted here. On the one hand, this week's episode delivers a pretty reasonable interpretation of time travel and how it could inevitably happen. On the other hand, the final moments of the episode seem to just step all over that explanation by suggesting that the timeline will stay largely intact with the major difference being that Kakeru will be saved. That just doesn't sit right with me. It feels too convenient.

Either way, I'm glad the series finally breaks the Kakeru train with this episode. We know that Naho eventually ends up with Suwa and it's nice to see that it hasn't been completely derailed. Still, I don't understand the future Naho. Surely, she has to know that advising her past self to split her affections between two guys can only lead to drama, right?

When you're too dense to pick up on a situation and your friends bail you out. Come on, Naho...

Woohoo! It's happening!

Please don't make her the vengeful ex!

Wait...does this mean they're actually going to explain the time travel mechanic? Was the science teacher the culprit all along?

Come on, man...this is probably the most interesting class you've ever had.

This teacher gives the response that I would give. Makes me wonder if I should re-publish my time travel blog post. I agree that time travel within a single timeline doesn't seem possible.

Well, this is the correct line of reasoning, but I don't even understand why you still believe the letters in the first place. This scene also confirms that there was only one set of letters this whole time, so I'm instantly upset.

That being said, it also explains why the future hasn't changed. I find this interpretation of time travel to be pretty agreeable, which is a plus for the show.

HE KNOWS! The time travel aspect makes things strange. This timeline has changed, which means Suwa's future with Naho is at risk. Does future Naho somehow expect that present Naho will eventually get back together with Suwa anyway? Or does she not care because it's a different timeline?

That's not suspicious at all...

The fact that the letters continue to be accurate is really annoying me.

Nice...I thought things were going too smoothly with Kakeru, so let the love triangle commence!

  • Karandi

    Aug. 5, 2016, 4:01 p.m.

    I really don't get why I am enjoying Orange given how other than the letters from the future, the rest of the story is just standard high school drama. I think it's just being delivered really well and the main cast of characters are so easy to like. That said, I'm really hoping we don't end up going down a standard love triangle route.



    Aug. 5, 2016, 4:21 p.m.

    it hasnt been excessive with the drama so far and yeah, the characters are fine


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