Tales of Zestiria Episode 4: Well, that's different

This week's episode started out familiar, but ended up becoming very different. Looks like we're going into uncharted territory. I'm glad we didn't have to go through Mikleo's stuff...the fact that next week's episode is the Berseria crossover means that we might be safe for a while. But yeah, next week we get to find out what's in store for us in the new game. Should be fun.

Sigh...am I really going to start the episode with a grammar gripe? Fine, I'll do you. You mean "were".

Shh...leave the crazy lady with voices in her head alone.

Is it overly convenient that Alisha had both the desire and ability to hear the seraphim? Or can you only hear the voices if you want enough to hear them? Also, the "probably" in the second sentence should be earlier...seriously I can't stop myself.

Come on, Mikleo. I thought you guys were supposed to be friends!


Still, I can't get upset at the series for trying to give Sorey and Mikleo an actual reason to handle for handling the dungeons well.

Hey, this is Pteropus from Vesperia! I don't think you're pulling from the right game, ufotable.

Ooohhh...shiny explosions...

So, I get that this dungeon scene was added to the anime to give a bit of context to the malevolence in the world, but the transition into talking about the Lord of Calamity still seems awkward.

I disliked this dialogue in the game and I still dislike it here. There's just something...off about Lailah telling Sorey to forget his objective and travel the world to gain knowledge. Sure, it breaks from most RPG tropes where you need to travel the world to obtain the four crystals of power to defeat the Lord of Calamity, but it just feels too...open for the Shepherd.

Oh, hey...the prologue was actually relevant.

This line is awesome. I thought this skit started out boring, but it ended up being pretty funny. We know next week's episode is the Berseria crossover, so this line makes us wonder if all of the Zestiria characters are just not going to be in it. However, the title of the next episode and the fact that Mikleo ends the skit by asking "who's going to be in the next episode" are pretty clear signs that the story will continue...just with a new face.

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