Rewrite Episode 5: Curses everywhere

Aww hint for who the next girl will be at the end of this episode? Well, the president and the ribbon girl probably have to go last...and Kotori likely gets special treatment because she's the childhood friend. Soooo Chihaya's next? But as for the episode's not bad. I feel like I'm getting a SparkNotes version of the VN, which is always okay with me (who reads?). Hard to judge a series on missing material if I don't know what's missing, right? Not sure what to think of all of the Guardian and Gaia stuff yet. I do have one lingering question from the episode, does a poison break glass?

Well, given the pieces from the start of the episode and the scene from the end of last week's episode, this shouldn't be too hard to guess.

This girl gives away secrets really easily...

Yoshino's such a friend, giving a warning like this. So what action is Kotarou even supposed to take now? Stop investigating? Look around for...something? Turn around?

I'm curious what the goal is with the dialogue here. The scene with Kotarou calling the other students on the roster (with all the shattering glass) seems to suggest that this might be a misdirection intended to suggest that Lucia is another one of those cursed by Haruka Asahi. But the usage of first-person pronouns by the hallucination is pretty much screaming that Lucia is the real cause of the "curse".

Ohhhh...that's what "watch your back" means. I guess it was "turn around" after all...just a bit delayed.

The "everything I touch dies" character is somewhat surprising in a series like this. How does that route even end in the visual novel? As for the part where Lucia touches Kotarou, does he just not notice that he's been affected? I know that man has superpowers, but can you really defend yourself from a death touch? Well, I guess he has plot armor, so I really shouldn't be asking.

How exactly did Lucia time the shattering glass correctly? Was she just making the glass shatter constantly for everyone at the same time? Is that even possible? Her power seems to be linked to touch (or at the very least close-range), so it feels like she would have had to stand near each house to make things happen.

Ohh...that sounds pretty simple. Let's just rewrite my body so that it's immune to a poison which has a composition I've never seen. That seems plausible... just couldn't resist the light beam during the miracle, could you?

Uhh...are they not going to analyze Kotarou's body to figure out how they could cure Lucia or make her poison manageable? It shouldn't be that hard, right? Heck, Kotarou could probably just tell him what he rewrote.

Could this have anything to do with the ruins that Kotarou was walking through at the very beginning of the series?

They're searching for the Key in a Key series...I hate myself for making that association.


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