91 Days Episode 4: This is why you read your Bible, kids

I was starting to think things were slowing down this week. While it's true that this bro time that Avilio and Nero are spending together will likely making the eventual revenge scene more difficult, I'm glad the series is at least giving us a reason why Nero isn't dead yet. It would be a bad move to kill the target that trusts Avilio the most before finding who the mystery fourth killer is. All in all, this series is still my favorite of the season and I'm having a blast watching it.

Is this an "Asians are bad drivers" joke? Because I really want it to be. That would be awesome.

Daaaaaang! What a big spender! Still, even if the setting of this series is supposed to be a fictional place, I'm guessing time period corresponds to when a dollar bought a lot more stuff...

This cart driver panics to stop and avoid the guy on the road, but he clearly would have missed even if he had kept going. Seriously, he's just getting mad at the guy on the road for no reason.

Something about Avilio's facial expression in this scene is hilarious. Also, Avilio states that he will go get the water, but stands by as Nero does it for him.

Wow...the animation for this juggling scene is just lazy. There's a point where it looks like Nero throws two balls at the same time out of nowhere, one of which disappears, and it's unclear whether there are actually three balls or four balls.

Nero is the culprit!

A secret fourth culprit? This should make the story interesting. Especially when you combine it with the mystery of the person who wrote the letter in the first place.

Given that the "Goliath" chasing Nero is about to catch up to the main characters, I'm guessing this knife will be helpful. Still, it begs the question...are both Avilio and Nero unarmed? Seems like a bad idea when they're both on the run.

Haha! This scene is amazing. The music in the background is just perfect.

Really? A sling? They're really going hard on that "David and Goliath" reference, huh?

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