Planetarian Episode 4: Journey to the outside

We're finally outside the planetarium in this episode, but it's still a bit of surprise at how little Yumemi notices. I feel like I've messed up in this series by focusing too much on the robot when I should be focusing on the human. That seems to be where most of the stuff is happening. Let's just finish it up next week, then.

Well, let's make the robot a klutz! At this point, why not? I guess this is part of the "little bit broken".

It overheated in the rain? Maybe you should try taking that raincoat off.

Hug your garbage collector, folks!

The liquor store is important to the protagonist, so obviously it would have to be the store that Yumemi actually notices is messed up.

Why is the rum always gone? ...I should get shot for that reference.

Holy crap...that got really morbid really quickly with him remembering the other junker that died, but they just swept that scene away with the situation at hand. I think I have to give the series points for that because I definitely laughed.

This is actually...somewhat reasonable. Though I guess to us, it's supposed to be sad that she thinks this way.

Oh boy. He's leaving her alone and telling her to stay put? That never works!

No, don't make plans! That's a death flag!

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