Time Travel Shoujo Episode 3: Lightning is so fast!

Well, Benjamin Franklin sure got a quick episode. But maybe it just feels weird because I'm American and my history classes tend to go on about how awesome Franklin was. Honestly, I don't mind this series at all. I'm curious how well it actually works for getting kids interested in science.

This is probably the casual hint that this arc's scientist is Benjamin Franklin. Well...other than the fact that he's the second one to show up in the opening, but that's not important! I don't really have that much of a problem with this, but I know it's going to lead to a scene where Franklin himself says the line, which is when I'll cringe.

Yeah, me too...

Well, I wasn't expecting that. Is that Waka?

Not a bad reaction face, but are we casually ignoring the fact that she's randomly dressed like this?

Yeah, I'm totally getting distracted by the soundtrack here, but I'm a bit confused by the choice to use the word "readable" here. I get that it's supposed to be a tie-in with the conversation Waka and Mari are having about Mari's notes, but I would be more inclined to say "the words are visible", not "the book is readable".

I'll take this one. Churches in this time were typically the tallest buildings in the town (as this guy says), meaning they were most likely to get hit by lightning. If your church was struck, it meant something like god was displeased.

You know, I'm aware of how respected Benjamin Franklin is as a scientist, but I don't care. Portraying him like this is totally okay with me.

You really expect me to believe a normal person would lead with this? We take for granted that vacuums and washing machines run on electricity, so it definitely wouldn't be the first thing we say when describing them. This is just done to relate with Franklin, who is studying electricity and it's awkwardly unnatural.


Aaaaand Mari has totally stopped caring about treating John...weren't you making a big deal about cooling his burns earlier?

Please tell me this message says "don't try this at home". Also, with my knowledge from Back to the Future, I know that this is totally how electricity traveling through a kite string works.

I mean...I'm fine with Franklin accepting Mari's disappearance as a scientific phenomenon. But with the timing of the disappearance, I'm surprised these religious fanatics didn't label it as sorcery.

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