Orange Episode 4: Well, that was fast

I'm not the only one who thought this episode was awkward, right? I felt like we were missing some scenes or something. Was I just not paying enough attention? If I had to say one thing about this episode, though, I'd say it reminded me of how well the series handles background conversation.

Well, more future scenes to tell us nothing has changed. Or is this future another universe?

Did I just watch an ice cream cone get assembled? What? Just...what?

I actually like this. I think the way the show uses "background characters" to say things to the main characters or for the main characters is interesting. But seriously, just tell him.

Eh...for some reason this whole "she's not right for him" conversation is irritating. They're judging Ueda off such little information.


I don't mind Naho being shy, but does she actually know that Ueda has a problem with her talking to Kakeru?

Well, I agree here. Hindsight is 20/20, after all. Plus, the future Naho has no way of knowing whether these things are actually helping. This is why the time travel mechanic is important. Can we try again? If we only get one chance, how is this any different from regular life?

Plus, why does future Naho pin so much on present Naho? She's the one in love with Kakeru. Why not make any of her other friends do anything if they all want to save Kakeru? Why does Naho have to be the one forced to interact with her crush while he's in a relationship with another girl? this why Naho knows Ueda has a problem with her interacting with Kakeru? Holy crap, she read the letters! Finally!

...what? Sigh...girlfriend logic. I've been there...

Aaaand this is why he's the husband.

Ahh, the typical love story "somebody I'm in love with"...good times. Come on, Naho...the guy's a transfer student with a girlfriend who wigs out whenever he spends too much time talking to a girl. Who else could it be?

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