Tales of Zestiria Episode 3: Time to be the Shepherd

And Lailah joins the party. Jeez, these episodes just continue to sound good...it's really keeping me going. I definitely had trouble listening to Lailah in the game, so let's see how she turns out in the anime. Not looking forward to next week's episode, unfortunately, since it's Mikleo's mope fest.

Couple of notes from the game perspective. In the game, there's no assassination attempt on Alisha and she isn't attacked during the big sword-drawing scene. Also, I don't think the dragon was a dragon. In the game, dragons are a big deal, after all. Again, nothing really major. The only really noticeable thing for me was the fact that the anime didn't go into hellions as much as the game. In the game, Sorey runs into people in LadyLake that are actually hellions in disguise, which I thought was interesting.

Player 2!

What kind of merchant agrees to do a favor for someone without making sure they'll pay for it first? The line for the inspection was huge, so it's not like there weren't other people you could have used to pass to help. Stick to your night job, Rose...

And on Sorey's side, don't you hate it when real life enemies don't drop gold Gald like video game enemies? 500 Gald is nothing.

Hmm...I thought they called off the assassination attempt in the game. I guess the anime wants to make Lunarre look cool.

Oh hey, Dezel. Wait what?

Yup...definitely NOT Excalibur. The fact that ufotable animated both of these series just makes it funnier.

Oooh shiny...

Well, this is much less cliche than wanting to "protect others"...plus, he probably wants to get that 100% map completion achievement.

The power of the king will condemn you to a life of solitude- err...wrong series.

Outside of the context of a video game, I have to admit armatization is pretty cool. That being said, I will never be able to get over my video game biases over how upsetting of a game mechanic it is.

Haha these skits are awesome.

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