Planetarian Episode 3: It's all broken

My brain can't handle this amount of content in a single episode. There were probably some escapism themes going on in this episode, but I am definitely not the right person to comment on them. Why did I agree to watch this series, man? Nitpicking on planetariums is way too hard...

He's turning? No, don't let the robot have its way! That's how they take over!

This is actually a pretty decent presentation for a planetarium so far...though, I might be biased because I think planetariums are cool.

Huh...I had to look it up, but Perseus, Andromeda, and Pegasus are legitimately Japanese names for constellations. I didn't realize they used names from Greek mythology. That's actually fascinating.

The projection aside, what about Yumemi herself? Can she no longer charge herself if the emergency power is dead? Did this guy just inadvertently "kill" her by fixing the projector?

That's convenient. So the constellation pendant isn't just for show.

I always thought the more interesting form of time travel involving stars is the fact that the light from the stars is actually from years in the past. But eh...I guess this works too. I'm being unnecessarily nerdy here...

Aww man...England finally got their wish and conquered the world, huh?

She has discretion? Anyway, now she'll finally get to see how messed up the world outside the planetarium is, right? Time for the shocking truth?

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