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Random Anime of the Week: 91 Days

I was going to write this series off for this season, but I have to say it really surprised me. Maybe I got too burned by Joker Game last season, but I really focused in on the "Prohibition" part of the synopsis for 91 Days. It turns out the story is actually a revenge plot, following the main character Avilio as he tries to avenge his family. Honestly, the series makes me question if the alcohol is really necessary.

Anyway, it's the series that I want to cover the most on this blog, so I'm using this post as a replacement for the two posts I missed. The first episode was definitely solid, introducing the dark theme and drawing my in. But I was a real fan of the second episode. The series kinda escalates and now I just really want to see what comes next. But yeah, spoilers for the end of the second episode: I have no idea how Avilio is going to get out of this situation and I really hope they don't sweep it under the rug.

Random Music of the Week

So I found this song a while back when I was browsing through an audiophile site and I've really taken a liking to it. There are a lot of cool sounds going on and the song pretty much hooked me right from the start. I will admit that it gets a bit strange near the end of the song, but I still really like listening to it.

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