Taboo Tattoo Episode 3

Well, this episode didn't mess with me as much as the last one did. Still a bit strange, but I didn't get upset watching it. I'm not sure I like the fact that they're straight-up suppressing Justice's power, but I guess we need to reduce the gore scenes?

Uhh...what am I watching?

I don't understand why Justice has such a hard time understanding his situation. His next move is probably going to be difficult, but this is pretty straightforward.

No, you're what we call Justice in- good lord, that's a bad joke...

I still don't understand this tattoo. Does he also get increased physical abilities when he activates the trigger?

Maybe I haven't been paying enough attention in the previous episodes, but does anyone else find these random camera rotations annoying? It's like "oh hey...better make sure the audience is very aware of the surroundings". It's happened like four times this episode.

So, the void that took out pretty much the entire second floor of the house didn't kill this rabbit? Sure...

I mean...that still seems pretty useful...

Uhh...that's not really a great example. Even if the physical abilities you gain while Sealed were a flat amount, the fastest runner would still be the fastest Sealed.

Haha this is random, but I'm okay with it.

Is this scene with the cat supposed to be suggesting that she will eventually join the main cast? This is what happens when I don't pay enough attention during the OP animation.

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